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No Time to Trade? Missing A Winning Signal Again?


If You’re struggling to follow and copy our trading signals...
Our PAFX signal copier is only for you. 
You’ll be amazed how our copier will copy all our signals from our Telegram channel.

This could be you:

  • Imagine copying all of our profitable signals even when you’re spending time with your family or chilling on the couch
  • Imagine increasing the probability of making 10X profits from your signals.
  • ​Imagine having an efficient helping hand which will copy all the profitable signals for you.
  • Imagine capturing all the big moves in the market even when you’re having a good nights sleep.
  • Imagine controlling risks on each trade more efficiently and close partial profit based on your preference.
  • Imagine having zero knowledge about Forex trading yet having all our profitable signals copied and managed automatically.
This is Why Our Signal Copier Exists
We give traders like you the ability to copy all the profitable signals no matter what you’re doing. Our signal copier gives you the power to copy all the signals given by our team of expert traders that’ll help you gain more to become a profitable & successful trader.
  • Download Our Copier: The package includes PAFX Signal Copier
  • Follow All The Instructions: A blueprint document provided with the copier. Videos are also included. 
  • Enjoy! - Your MT4 will now receive orders from the PAFX signal Telegram channels (PAFX VIP, SCALP VIP, PAICC VIP) instantly!

You can decide your own risk management parameters i.e lot size, partial closing percentage, risk percentage per trade etc.

  • ​INSTANT TRADE EXECUTION: Our signal copier will copy all the signals from our telegram signal channels in less than 5 seconds.
  • ​AUTO EXECUTION OF EACH TRADE UPDATE: Trade Currency Pairs, Indices and Commodities more efficiently. Never miss a single signal entry, exit, partial close, half close, change of SL & TP etc.
  • ​CONTROL RISK ON EACH TRADE: You can control your risk based on each trade. Choose what percentage of account balance you want to risk on per trade. 
  • CUSTOMIZE LOT FOR EACH PAIR: Set different lot sizes for different pairs based on your risk preference. 
  • AUTO SL TO ENTRY FOR MULTIPLE TP TRADES: When a signal contains multiple TPs, multiple positions are opened for each TP value and sets SL accordingly. And after TP1 hits, TP2 and TP3 position moves SL to entry. 
  • CLOSE PARTIAL PROFIT BASED ON YOUR PREFERENCE: Our copier can close a partial lot of any running trade based on signal update according to your preset percentage. It gives you the power to set what percentage of your lot you want to close as a partial profit. 
  • USE TRAILING SL TO MINIMIZE YOUR RISK: Ride big market moves more efficiently by enabling our trailing SL feature. 
  • ​EXCLUDE PAIR WHICH YOU DON'T WANT TO TRADE: You have the full control over your trades. Choose which pairs you want to trade and which ones you don’t. 
Not Sure Why You'd Need PAFX SIGNAL COPIER?
  • ​You can copy all the profitable signals
  • ​You can earn 10X more profits from your trades
  • ​You can manage your capital more efficiently
  • You can mitigate your risks without any hassle
  • You can manage your trades even when you’re not online

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